Reise von Gemma und Claudia

Die Reise mit Interrail von Gemma und Claudia durch Deutschland.

  • Freiburg

Today we visited Friburg for the first time but the weather was bad and we couldn’t see the landscape from the Schauinslandbahn. We didn’t expect that Friburg was so big and so cool. Despite the bad weather , we enjoyed our time there

  • Lichtenstein

After Friburg and Triberg, we visited the castle of Lichtenstein. It was amazing,we didn’t expect a so super view. It was a perfect day to walk around the castle. So a very nice castle and also the place has nice coffee shops where you can eat and drink. So it worth a visit.

  • Konstanz

Our second day was in Konstanz,a very nice city. The weather was ok and the landscape beautiful. We met lots of nice people. We didn’t expect we enjoyed it a lot.

  • München

This is our padlet from Münich. We visited the historical center and the Allianz Arena. We also visited Marienplatz and there was a lot of people and shops. The weather wasn’t bad , so we have enjoyed our time there. All the city was awesome. We saw also the Englischer Garten, it was very wonderful. The atmosphere and the landscape blew our mind.

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